EXPO 2017 participants showcase impressive pavilions designed by world's renowned architects

Jul 26, 2017
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EXPO 2017 participants showcase impressive pavilions designed by world's renowned architects

This summer Astana is at the center of the entire world’s attention due to EXPO 2017 and numerous international events that are taking place in the capital of Kazakhstan. While some people hear about Astana for the first time, they might also be surprised to discover that world’s most renowned architects designed pavilions for over a hundred participating countries.

EXPO 2017 visitors have a unique opportunity to be part of a once-in-a-lifetime experience and see the masterpieces designed by such award-winning agencies and architects as Arian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Asif Khan, Frade Arquitectos, BWM Architects, and others. Architecture and design magazine Dezeen published an article on design solutions at EXPO 2017 that featured photos of a famous architectural photographer, Paul Raftery.

[caption id=”attachment_9769” align=”aligncenter” width=”1024”] Photo source: www.dezeen.com; Photo by Paul Raftery[/caption]

Kazakhstan’s National Pavilion designed by Chicago-based Arian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture deserves special attention. This futuristic masterpiece is shaped in a form of a glass globe atop an undulating glazed podium. One hemisphere of the building is completely see-through, while the other is translucent. Inside of the pavilion, tiered terraces are designed and built in wavy shapes, which allows the visitors observe the entire site.

Many national pavilions collaborated with visionary designers and even musicians to convey their message in an innovative and engaging manner. For example, British architect Asif Khan worked with musician Brian Eno on the design of the UK pavilion titled We Are Energy. Eno’s soundscape creates an intriguing background music for the UK pavilion that creates the creation of energy.

To learn more about the impressive architecture at EXPO 2017, see dezeeen.com


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