Astana's Ethno Village Unveils Culture of Kazakh nomads

Aug 07, 2017
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Astana's Ethno Village Unveils Culture of Kazakh nomads

Ethno Aul, which is translated as Ethno Village, opened in the suburbs of Astana this summer. This cultural complex offers to its visitors a unique opportunity to explore the rich history, art, traditions, rituals and national cuisine of the Kazakh people while experiencing the lifestyle of nomads.

Ethno Village aims to help people experience the normal day-to-day life of the Kazakh nomads while preserving rich Kazakh culture and traditions.

According to the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan, “this is the place where any visitor of the expo can come and get an idea about what our culture is really about.” The Ethno Village will host various festivals and music events, as well as master classes by Kazakh artisans.

Ethno Village will be open throughout the year so that tourists could visit this unique cultural museum any time they travel to Kazakhstan.

Source: Astana Times

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