Prince Harry took away his fiancé to luxury ski resort in Kazakhstan

Prince Harry made a surprise for his fiancé Cressida Bonas.  He took away her to romantic adventure to luxury ski resort named Chimbulak which is located in Kazakhstan. This year, couple decided to spent vacation and skiing in Kazakhstan instead of Swiss ski resort as usual. Harry and Cressida were leaving at exclusive house in Swiss style for billionaires at Chymbulak ski resort. They were using a white helicopter to reach the Chymbulak

Chimbylak ski resort was opened in 1954. Russian edition of Forbes includes Chymbulak in the rank of the ten best ski resorts worldwide.



Prince Harry is not a first person from Great Britain Queen family who has visited Kazakhstan. His uncle Prince Andrew came to visit Kazakhstan a few times with diplomatic visits and not only. During his last visit, Prince Andrew enjoyed the goose hunting with president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev.



Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Almaty

Kazakhstan became the first country in the Central Asian region that joined the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week; the largest event in the world fashion industry. The negotiations in order to host the fashion event in Almaty have started with Mercedes-Benz headquarters’ in October 2003. The contract has been signed just recently on March 5 in Almaty.  Kazakhstan will be the 45th country which has the priority to host the Mercedes-Benz fashion week. The organizers of the Fashion week were willing to proof that Kazakhstan is a fashion oriented country with a fast rhythm of fashion development. Zhanel Bertaeva, the CEO of Fashion Week, has pointed that entering Kazakhstan in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week worldwide event calendar as a next destination after New York, London, Milan, Miami, Berlin, Madrid, Tokyo and Moscow is a historical moment. Almaty now is a fashion destination of the whole Central Asian region.

The fashion week will start with Press Conference and Grand Party on April 24. After that, the fashion collection will be shown at Ritz-Carlton Almaty on April 25-27. The main feature is that the live  translation will be broadcasted on, which means that internet users can watch the show from all over the world.

The headliners of the fashion week are Tatyana Tarverdyan, Aika Alemi, Salta, Leonid Zherebcov, Aigul Kasimova, Pentatonica and two fashion celebrities which names are kept in secret. Moreover, the  organizers decided to not disclose the budget of the fashion event because it is a trade secret information.

KazSocial edition believes that the event will be a great opportunity for Kazakhstani designers to share and express their talents to international level and attract more buyers worldwide. We can’t wait to broadcast this event for you, don’t miss it!


Forbes rating of Kazakhstani celebrities

kazsocial collage

Kazakhstani Show Business is actually weddings and corporate parties oriented business at the moment. As Kazakhstani call it “TOI” Business. According to Euro Event Agent, the market of Kazakhstani Show Business is worth around $10M and 80% of revenues are generated by “toi” business. Forbes has created the rating of Kazakhstani celebrities at toy niche. Let’s see Who is Who.

  1.  Kairat Nurtas- famous Kazakh pop artist
  2. Gennady golovkin- famous Kazakh boxer. Genadiy is included in the list of 5 best world boxers according HBO
  3. Bayan Esentaeva – producer, artist and anchorwomen
  4. Lido-singer, model and designer
  5. Aleksei Puchkov – producer, founder of EuroStar Booking Service in Kazakhstan
  6. Dilnas Ahmadieva – singer, anchorwomen
  7. Band FM – The most famous girls Pop Band in Kazakhstan
  8. Alua Konarova – producer, found of PROMOSHOWPRODUCTION
  9. Aikin- Kazakh singer, the winner of EMA in category “Duet of the year”
  10. Ban Zhigitter- Kazak boys pop band. The nominee of EMA awards.

The original article in russian on



Kazakh guy won the 19th International Musical Competition in Las Vegas

Farkhad Madenov, a guy from Kazakhstan won the 19th International Musical Competition for the Youth Singers “Crystal Magnolia”, which was held in Las Vegas . There were two stages of the competition which brought about 10 000 visitors from all over the world. The song “Ush Konyr” whose author is the president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, was performed by the Kazakh Singer Farkhad Madenov at the Musical Competition. According to the opinion of the committee, Farkhad was the only winner of this competition. Other than that, Farkhad won a free admission to one of the prestigious musical schools in the LA area.                                   

Farkhad commented his award at International Musical Competition in Las Vegas: “I’m so happy to know that I am the winner. Thanks to all who supported me and was worried about me at this competition. This is not only my victory, but the victory of all of us and Kazakhstan”

Also,  Farkhad Madenov was the winner of the 4th International Competition of the Youth Singers “Calibri” which was held in West Hollywood (USA) in the end of 2013. Currently Farkhat is an activist of “Zhas Otan” democratic party and a student of Kazakh National University of Art based in Astana.




Old New Year celebration in Kazakhstan

My Dear readers have you ever heard that Kazakhstanis people celebrate New Year Eve two times in a year? Kazakh people have a traditional holiday in Kazakhstan, but not an official holiday called Old New Year. The celebration of Old New Year take place at night from January 13 to January 14.

Old New Year – is a historical phenomenon, an additional holiday which turned out as a result of the chronology change. Tradition to celebrate Old New Year Eve goes from the differences in the calculations of days in Julian calendar (an old fashion calendar) and Gregorian calendar (the whole world uses a Gregorian calendar).  The difference between two calendars is thirteen days.

After a Soviet Union dissolution not only Russia celebrates this occasion, but Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus as well. At this night Kazakh people see off Old Year and wish all bad things stay in old year.

So if you are in Kazakhstan at this period of time don’t stay all night long at home or hotel room, celebrate this holiday using KazSocial’s tips. City will not sleep this night from January 13-14, one New Year is not enough. Thus some good places where you can celebrate Old New Year Eve are below:

The Pioneer Truth club

An Old New Year thematic Party on January 14. Lots of the competitions from Miss Snow Queen 2014, fun times and positive emotions only. Headliner of the event is VJ Show. Party starts at 6.00 pm.

Tel : +7 (727) 239 52 54 

 Darhan Restaurant

Restaurant Darhan invites you to celebrate Old New Year in a cozy and family atmosphere. Live Performance at this day and show program. Admission is 5000 tenge.

Tel: +7(727)275-25-13, +7(702)522-55-99


Restaurant Arcobaleno offers an Old New Year celebration on January 13 for those who show up late! Admission is 8000 tenge  and following items are included in the price: 4 starters, 4 salads, 2 main dishes, fruits and bread mix basket. You can bring your own beverages.

Tel: +7(727)226-82-24, +7(707)833-99-33,+7(702)181-90-66

KazSocial wishes you to have a joyful holiday and lot’s of fun!




Active plan for the winter season

The first thing that has to be associated with winter is looking for great resorts nearby Almaty. Pure air, great views and other adventures are not the reason to visit the resorts! The winter gives us opportunity for all the ski masters, snowboard masters and skaters a chance to ride as much as you can!

For winter sportsmen:

  • Chimbylak: riding on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays
  • Slik Say: open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, admission is 2,000 tenge
  • Tabagan: starts on December 10, welcomes you celebrate New Year Eve.
  • Lesnaya Skazka: opened a new hill for skiing and snowboarding, you can also ride roundabouts!
  • Ak Bulak: 5″% off for the rope rides and 20% off for accommodation.

No adult knows what it feels like for children when the winter comes. You got any concerns that winter is not fun? Get cracking outside with kids and friends to play! Have your fantasy ready to create!

You can go skating to the following places (Medeo isn’t even listed):

  • Circus
  • Mega Skating
  • Luxor arena
  • Republic Palace
  • Ramstor

Make sure you are warm enough for the adventures!

You can buy all the equipment in Almaty at:

Enjoy the winter season with KazSocial tips.

Please see the winter tips in Russian language here



Friday bars tour with KazSocial

This week KazSocial suggests you to follow our five-bar tour in one night. In this article you will find an overview of the best parties of Friday night in Almaty. All you need is a good outfit, friends and a party mood. Let’s get started!


Lounge & disco club MOJO hosts Ruble Party. Special guest  DJ RUBLEV from Moscow, the resident of top clubs whose mixes are used in Moscow, Monte Carlo, San Trope and Kurshevel.

The program includes the following:

  • Dj OLA Aliev, Dj White, Dj Edward
  • fire Show
  • welcome drink

Address: 32 Dostyk prospect , tel: +7 (727) 266 65 90

#2  Nebar

Musical Show managed by Benjamin Bros whose mixes are top of mixes in PromoDJ and Beatport are shown at Nebar.
The program includes the following:

  • Live Scratch Perfomance
  • Sexy Go Go Perfomance
  • Champagne Shower

The show starts at 1:00 am, free admission,  casual dress code.

Address: 103 Furmanova street ,tel.: +7 (777) 122-255

#3 DaFreaK Club

Fluorescent Party at Da FreaK Club. The new generation music performance. This Party is a great chance to feel what DJs feel. The club guarantees that you will love the party in the old Da Freak Style and will have a fabulous feeling about the lighting effects.

The program includes the following:

  • Free exclusive welcome drink
  • The newest DJ mixes
  • Performances of DJ’s BULLET, SNIPER, DAN vs WOO D (back2back )

The admission is only 1000 tenge and all the girls wearing bright dresses enjoy a free admission.

Address: 40 Gogolya St, tel: +7 (727) 273-1337

#4 Vertalёt bar

PRE-PARTY TIME at Vertalёt bar. The best world music from DJ JOKER. For people who love parties a lot and don’t want to go home is a special after party with DJ RODJER, the doors are open from 9 pm until 6 am.

Address: 42 Dostyk prospekt, tel.: +7 (727) 291 99 38.

#5 Pionerskaya Pravda

“New Year journey to different countires” – the thematic party at Pionerskaya Pravda Club. You will have a Christmas mood and remember old and familiar fairy tales.  Come and see the magic of Christmas. Admission is 1500 tenge.

Address: 111b Gagarin street, tel: +7 (727) 392 56 24




UNESCO Ambassador Olzhas Suleimenov gave a speech about Kazakh Culture at George Washington University

The Kazakh Culture; Legacies and Innovation conference organized by the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian studies was held at George Washington University in Washington DC on November 6. I got a great chance to visit the event and met many respected, well known, successful and smart people like Ambassador Kairat Umarov, Marlene Laruelle, Peter Rollberg, Michael Rouland, Sean Roberts, Sebastien Peyrouse; the professors from George Washington University who specialize in European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, Olzhas Suleimanov; Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan to UNESCO, Gaukhar Gia Noortas; the founder of Mount Helix Films Inc. located in Los Angeles, CA and many others.



The conference took up the whole day, but it never got boring. I want to admit that the event was well organized and split into six parts of the discussion: Keynote Address, Legacies and Innovations in Kazakh Literarature, Politics and Sociaety on the Screen, Performing Music and Identity, the Art Scene: Plurarity and Market and Dombra performance. After almost each panel the organizers offered a coffee and snacks, where all the participants and guests could share their impressions about the speakers’ speeches. During one of those breaks, I came up to Olzhas Suleimenov and asked him for permission to give me an interview. Olzhas Suleimenov agreed to answer my questions. Thus, my dear readers, only for you, the interview from Olzhas Suleimenov here and now.



Olzhas Suleymanov  is a poet, a social and political activist of Kazakhstan, diplomat who is writing in Russian. He was the one who initiated and leaded the people’s movement “Nevada – Semipalatinsk”. Olzhas Suleimenov took a huge part in the development of Kazakhstan. Many poems written by Olzhas Suleimenov then were translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Mongolian and Turkish. At present time Olzhas Sulemenov is the Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan to UNESCO.

Dear Mr. Olzhas Suleimanov, I know that you were working as a geologist, and you were also working in geo-exploration parties. But in 1995 you started to work in the area of literature. Please tell us how you started working with literature? Were there any people who helped you switch to this field ? How did you discover your talent? Do you remember your first book?

Yes, I have first graduated from the Geology Department at Kazakh State University. But then I was accepted at Moscow Literature University, because I have always been interested in reading and even tried to write for the newspapers.

My first poetry book was published in April of 1961. This is when the « Earth, bow to hum » about Mr. Gagarin going to space was published. By that time I was a third-year student of the Literature University. And already in May of 1961 I was presenting this poem at the Columbia University. And then I presented the same poem in June of 1961 in Sorbonne, France. The Soviet Union was proud of what Gagarin did and wanted everyone to write about it.

Young Olzhas Suleimenov
Young Olzhas Suleimenov



















In 1995 you were assigned Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Italy. Please tell our readers about your work in Italy and how are Kazakh people associated with Italy? Do they Italians know your work in Italy ?

After the Soviet Union has collapsed, the Republic of Kazakhstan has been created with its own politics system. I was lucky to be a first Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Italy, Greece and Malta.

I have spent so much time on researching and opening new materials which were unknown by that time. I have also written a book “Language of Writing” which was published in Italy in Russian.

The Italian Society was learning more and more about Kazakhstan not because of the books but mostly due to the news. During these twenty years of cooperation, both Italy and Kazakhstan have created strong bases to stability of the relationships for the future.

It’s not a secret for anyone that you became popular in France. Why France ?

Paris, October 2013 ayimcinema
Paris, October 2013 ayimcin
Paris, October 2013 ayimcinema
Paris, October 2013 ayimcinema












In the 70th and the 80th some of my poetry books were published in French. The poems were published in both journals and in the newspapers. As it was done, it turned out to be very respectable when your poems were published in the French Press. Paris was recognized as a center of european culture.

The hot book of the 70s “Az and Me” was forbidden by the USSR Government and was taken out of all the store and libraries. Then the book came out in Russia in 2005. Some people are now writing that you are about to write the second edition of “Az and Me”. Please tell our reader whether this information is correct or not.

I would like to mention a new edition which includes the first edition of 1975 and the second edition of this year is coming soon. In the second edition I am writing about adventures of this book, which became a forbidden bestseller in the USSR. This book will be published in the beginning of 2014 by Literature Alliance.

To conclude, I recommend you watch the video made for KazSocial from the IERES event at George Washington University where Olzhas Suleimenov read one of his poems.





The Ritz Carlton Almaty Hotel brings celebrities to Kazakhstan

The list of luxury hotels in Almaty has been extended by a new world class hotel. Almaty welcomed the first The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Kazakhstan.

Thousands Instagram users were able to see the first pictures from the event, because Kseniya Sobchak an anchor women, journalist and socialite from Russia was live tweeted during the event. Mrs. Sobchak was invited to visit Kazakhstan as a leader of the main event of Central Asia; the grand opening ceremony of the first Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Kazkahstan.

The incredible event will be remembered by all the participants who attended the ceremony: A’studio band, Ahmetzhan Esimov; Akim of Almaty, Makpal Isabekova;famous Kazakh singer, Rahat Tyrlihanov; singer and politician and many other famous guests.

But apparently the headliner of the event was, lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas, the popular American band.

The Ritz Carlton hotel started to attract the citizens of Almaty a few days after the opening ceremony. There was the Art Of Hosting: a private party held in the ball room of the Ritz Carlton Hotel where American rapper Nelly, four time Grammy Award winner, performed.

After performing his popular songs, the rapper decided to share his ideas with guests who attended the party. “This is my first time in Almaty, I like it here a lot. Kazakhstan is a nice country. I will be happy to come here once again”, said Nelly. The Almaty Citizens were clapping to Nelly after this speech.

After a few moments, Nelly asked the ladies who want to sign his favorite song with him. Beautiful ladies, while pushing each other with their elbows were yelling out: Me, Me! Of course all girls were so excited to sing a song with Nelly and felt like Kelly Rowland for a few minutes.



The rapper has chosen only one girl named Kristina. She was wearing a light blue dress. She went up the scene and started to sign with the rapper. Dynamic sounds were smoothly becoming a composition, which turned out to be Nelly’s song – Dilemma. But despite the phonogram, her voice was clear enough to be heard. Her singing skills were very good. Once the song was over, Kristina admitted that she loves the rapper. All the guests were taping this scene and eventually uploaded the video to social networks.




‘He and She’ movie – life Beyond the Scene

Romantic comedy “He and She” has been gathering full movie centers of fans of the movie throughout Kazakhstan. The budget of the movie is $300,000, but by the first weekend the movie has already got a payoff of $250,000. The movie makers and KazSocial edition will tell what is left beyond the scene.

The movie founder, Saken Zholdas is 27 years old. He won a Bolashak scholarship and then studied in Texas. When he was a third-year student, the representatives of Microsoft came to Texas to find new talented students. Saken was invited to visit Seattle for 2 days. During the visit he was interweaved by Microsoft’s vice – president and luckily he passed this interview and got a job at Silicon Valley. He was working on Windows 7 and 8 at Microsoft Company.

The movie itself had a very rough start and there was a point at which the movie had no future: the producer had neither no money nor an investor to sponsor this project. Nonetheless, Saken Zholdas applied all the efforts and created a project presentation, then sent it to all his friends and asked them to broadcast it.











Unexpectedly, a few months later, his friend called him in the night and said that there is someone who is interested in your project. Saken was very excited and at the same time nervous, he wasn’t sure that you will be able to get financing for the movie. Despite all the worries, he decided to go to Astana to talk to the investor. The investor had only a few minutes to listen to the producer-beginner. Saken remembers when the investor asked him whether he believes in this project or not, he waged and said: “I do.” The investor then decided to go for this project.













After the movie was financed, the producer and writer started to look for the actors. They didn’t want to use famous actors; instead they went for young and unknown actors and therefore were looking for new people. As it turned out later, after the release of the movie, this risk was paid off. As long as they started, they broadcasted the casting on the internet. They received about 6 000 applications, every day the team was considering 30-40 people. They were surprised that out of these 6000 applications, around a half of the applications were received from the males.











After a few months, the movie personnel started to worry and weren’t sure whether they will be able to find appropriate actors that would fit their criteria. Saken has been passing on his business cards to all his friends to widen the search range. One day, during the event at the Japanese Center, the friend of Saken gave a business card to a lady, as it turned out later, it was Dinara Baktybaeva. When she came to casting, it was obvious that she is the right person. She had all the qualities that we were looking for.

Dinara was born in Zhanaozena, she is now studying at the Almaty University of Energy and Communications at the Department of Radio Engineering, Electronic and Communications. By the way, she has a full tuition waiver. This lady has never been dreaming about an actress’ carrier and still not sure whether she should take a chance.

The main actor of the ‘He and She’ movie is Zhandos Aybasov. When he came to casting, he had a long beard. This is a fact that has been bothering the producer, and therefore couldn’t imagine him in the role of the student. He was asked to shave it off and then next day when he showed up at casting – it was a completely different person.











Zhandos is 24 years old, he is a jewelry master, according to the degree. He sometimes still creates some jewelry. But it’s only his hobby at this point. Aybasov dreams to become a producer, he had graduated from the Kazakh National Art Academy named after Zhurgenov. But at this point this interesting guy is called in for movies. A new movie by Ermek Tursunov will be released soon, where Aybasov had a main role. Other than this, he is playing in the movie called “Kazakh Style Robbery”.













KZ Businessman’s Road to Success Passes Through USA

Have you ever thought of starting your own business?  The answer is:  YES INDEED! But you don’t know how to start your own business, you don’t have a business idea, or maybe you dont know the market.  Moreover, you have no knowledge in laws, taxes, credits, supervising entities, and another list of the weird expressions.  But no worries, the KazSocial editors will help you to find confidence in yourself and believe in yourself.

Some people come up with amazing ideas on how to make money, such as selling an air from different cities in the canned goods. Other people just simply do a business on a success of the other big companies. A good example of such business is ZAGG company who sells a protection films for different touchscreen devices like iPhones, iPads, etc. Dont worry if your business idea is just simple or crazy, all you need is a good marketing plan and investors who’ll invest money in your start-up. Below you can find a useful link where you can find investors for your startup:








In this article you can find the answers to your questions, inspiration, and confidence. You will understand that the most important thing is to believe in yourself. I would like to share a story of a great success. I was super lucky to get a chance to interview a respectful businessman from Kazakhstan, the founder of the first ever Software Association in Kazakhstan: Azamathan Amirthaev.  Many thanks to Azamathan that he found some time for the interview with us during his visit to Washington D.C.


Azamathan can you please tell our readers about your background?

Hi everybody. My name is Azamathan.  I studied at Specialized Republic Physics and Mathematics Boarding School, then I went to the Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications and I got degree with honors. During my studies I was always participating at International Mathematics Competition among technical universities.  After the bachelor’s degree I decided to study finance, thus I finished Kazakh National Agrarian University in the major of economic and finance.

Azamathan can you tell our readers about your first experience in business? How did you start?

My first experience was with a retailing business. I remember that I was 13 years old when I started to sell the clothes in the market. To be honest, I was trying to sell everything: bread, the flour bags, etc. Thus I got an experience in the trade business. When I graduated from the board school, I understood that I have more time for business and I started to think which area to go to work. And I decided to provide a computer repair service. The business was going very well and I was able to save some money for the future investments.  All the money which I have saved I invested to the business and ideas. Thus I bought the printers and opened small bookstores in each University. Also I bought the karaoke equipment and set up it in the parks and crowded places.  I offer people affordable prices, thus we got a lot of the clients. For example one song for karaoke costed 50 tenge, which is less than one dollar.

I am impressed by your story, it sounds like you were working hard since you were 13. Please tell us what happened after? Before the interview, I looked at your biography on the internet and I know that you have your own Software Consulting company now. So could you please tell our reader how you came up with the idea to establish your own IT company based in Kazakhstan?

When I graduated from the university, I already had experience in selling and business.  And I decided to open up my own company. Thus, in 2001 I opened my first company – KazNewTech. We started to develop the technical equipment of the second line of unified system of electronic document management of government agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We created united corporate information systems for local government offices (Zhambyl, Kyzylordinsk, South-Kazakh regions and ENU named after Gumilev).We got very lucky, while the company was developing, the President of Kazakhstan issued a law for automating all the Government Agencies, in order to improve the performance, and teaching the Government Employees new computer technologies. This is why our development was very demanded and we had many clients. In 2003, we completely finished the implementation of the program document for government organizations. We have successfully coped with the project in a short period of time, our work has been approved by a special commission. All together gave a big boost to the development of the company and business. In 2005 I was invited to be an Information President’s advisor of AO National Company “Kazakhstan TemirZholi”.  Overall, during my carrier I was developing myself in the following directions:

  • IT security, IT consulting, Auditing, and conducting examinations.
  • Scheduling business processing: SAP, ORACLE
  • World vendors, server’s hardware
  • Developing Kazakhstan’s software
  • Developing software in Kazakhstan and automating business processes
  • Computer Technologies and networking, IT networks and service maintaining



What’s the purpose of your visit to Washington?

It’s not a secret that all the IT companies in Kazakhstan deal with the US IT companies. I would like to get acquainted with the American IT Companies’ Structure. During my visit, I met with very respectable people; we discussed all the possibilities for business projects. I’ve been in the USA for 8 days, but I have already had many ideas for business.  It’s very important to mention that last year we have hosted a global conference for Data Protection in Almaty during the Economical Forum. After a successful seminar, I came up with an idea of supporting small and medium business in both USA and Kazakhstan. Uniting the resources helps research, plan and predicts the Kazakhstan’s Market. The plan is to create a few successful merged companies.


I read your biography and would like to mention that I was impressed by your experience and how many competitions you won. Please tell us about the association of the Software Companies of which you are the President.

In 2004, my colleagues and I created the association of software companies which united all the local IT companies. The aim of the association was to consolidate the efforts and access the Kazahstan’s market. I believe that we have successfully achieved our goal. Together with association of IT companies of Kazakhstan, the association has hosted the first conference in order to consolidate and unite the representatives of IT business for solving common problems, carrying out recommendations for the Government and IT companies of the RK for developing IT industry and deciding on passing an appeal to the Head of the State Encouraging the formation of a civilized market of software and information technology services, as well as for the development of informatization of SMEs Association held a conference on “The effectiveness of information systems in small and medium size enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan “, which was held on November 21, 2012 in Astana. The goal of the conference was to establish the Association of Online Business School for the creation and development of SMEs in Kazakhstan.

I always ask my guests a question: Please tell our readers what is the secret of your success, you go ahead and do not stop, develop and achieve even greater victories?

In order to achieve a great success, you just have to work a lot!



Is it difficult to start a business in Kazakhstan?

It is very easy to start your business in Kazakhstan, this is a country where the market is developing. It is a country that creates a new rich people. Remember like it was America, when the economy was developing fast, the country has found the new millionaires, those who are intelligent and enterprising. Similarly, in Kazakhstan, now, the market is open to new business proposals. All it takes is an idea; investors, and hard-working and talented managers.




Celebrities love Kazakhstan, especially Antonio Banderas

Well, celebrities love Kazakhstan and this is a fact! The fall season has brought extremely famous names from all over the world such as Kanye West, who performed at Nazarbaev’s grandson wedding party, French actor Gerard Depardieu who enjoys the Kazakh traditional music, Jane Campion (Oscar award winner) loves the hospitality of Kazakh people, Chuck Russell, the producer of the famous “The Mask” movie, shared his knowledge with Kazakhstani people and many other respectful and well-known celebrities. So, who is the next on the list?


But KazSocial edition knows everything cool and important that happens in Almaty and Astana. Recently, famous actor Antonio Banderas arrived to Almaty on Friday, October 4th. And of course, all Kazakhstani girls did not miss this chance to see their idol in real life.

As everyone would be surprised, Antonio Banderas came to work as a bank manager at Kaspi Bank. During this visit, Mr. Banderas handed a 38 million tenge check to the Charitable Foundation “Alya” to support “Children,Infants” project. After the ceremony of issuing the check, Antonio started to work as a bank clerk managing deposits; the line to be served by Antonio was very big.


And of course there were a lot of gifts and suprises. So, Antonio Banderas amused the audience by playing a guitar during the conference.

I believe that I have proved that world famous celebrities love Kazakhstan. To quote Antonio Banderas’s words, he said: “I am very happy that I got a chance to visit Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has always been attracting me and I am glad that there is such a state in Central Asia which demonstrates high economical results. When I was little, my mother has always been dreaming that I worked in the bank; I can finally call her and say “Mom, I worked at the bank in Kazakhstan.”


Mr. Banderas has also noted that he gets a lot of advertising commercials for financial institutions, but he usually refuses such promotions. When Antonio received an invitation email from Kaspi Bank he couldn’t say NO because this bank has been donating a lot of money. Antonio, as a businessman, did it!




Tengri Montage of Cultures

Dear readers,

There is a cool event, “Tengri Montage of Cultures” that will be in Los Angeles, California in October. If you are a local in LA and love to know more about Kazakh culture,

or if you are from Kazakhstan, but currently in the States,

even if you don’t know anything about Kazakhstan


you should attend this event and enjoy traditional music, food and drinks and meet new people and friends.

Where and When?

Tuesday, October 1st at 6:30PM. Address: 41 OCEAN CLUB, 1541 Ocean Ave, #150, Santa Monica, CA 90403


Don’t forget to:

RSVP before Thursday, September 27th to or by clicking “going” on the Facebook event here

Hosts of the event:
Laszlo Kalman, Consul General of Hungary
Marin Dimitrov, Consul General of Bulgaria
Gaukhar (Gia) Noortas, Honorary Consulate of

6:30 pm Doors Open, Press wall and Red Carpet
7:30 pm Key note remarks
Gaukhar (Gia) Noortas, Honorary Consulate of Kazakhstan in Los Angeles – Kazakhstan for Nuclear Weapon-Free World
Marin J. Dimitrov, Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria – Stability through partnership – celebrating 110 years of Bulgarian-US diplomatic relations
Szilard Teleki, Consul, Consulate General of Hungary – Eastern Roots of Hungarians – Western relations of Hungary
8:00 pm Concert of musicians from Kazakhstan, Hungary and Bulgaria and a reception with traditional food and drinks

Admission is FREE!!! Business or cocktail attire.

So don’t sit all day long in the front of the TV,


Try to find your best outfit and get ready for a good time!




The Night Music Band

I was always interested about the Kazakhstani music industry. Thus I have come up with the following three questions: Is it HARD to start your own music project in Kazakhstan? HOW to start? And how to become famous? I am sure that I am not alone who is asking these questions. Thus, in this article my goal was to talk with a brand new music band in Kazakhstan. And I was super lucky because The Night Music Band agreed to give me an interview. My dear readers, let’s get to know another interesting story of a talented music band from Astana who just started their music career in Kazakhstan show business. So who they are?


Night Music Band, can you tell us about your band?

The official foundation date of our band is July 31, 2013 this is the day we we first launched the official web site and the pages in social networks. Out band consists of three people now. Vocalist, and the author of the songs Night, rhythmic guitar Vanchel and solo-guitar player EL. The style of out songs is Alternative Hip Hop.


Was it difficult to start off as a musician?  Tell us please how the music band was created?

There are no easy ways in the life, it’s very important to make a first step. I’ve started to be interested in music since 2006. In January 2013 I got acquainted with rhythm-guitar player, and then in March I met solo-guitar player.

What success you have achieved so far?

The most important to me is that our songs are loved by people, every day the amount of these people grows more and more.

Which difficulties were on your way to success?

Every day we run into some difficulties and when we find out ways to get around these problems, it just makes us stronger. When a person has everything, he doesn’t need anything else and he has no goals to achieve. In our case everything is opposite: we all try to achieve the same goal, there is a hidden goal behind this achievement and when we can’t nail this goal, we don’t start anything new.

I know that the new video clip for a song “Original” will be released soon. Our readers want to know FIRST about where was the new video shot?


At present, the video clip “Original” is in the stage of production, all the actors were selected, the scenario is ready, but due to the weather in the capital we couldn’t get started yet. We decided not to disclose the scenario, because our friend who is a clip maker at the same time Nurdi Lesbek wants to prepare a little surprise in this video clip for our fans. The video clip will take place in Astana. We will do our best to encourage as many people to be in the clip as possible.


There are a lot of comments on social networks that the author puts his soul into writing music and texts, because the words of your songs are like from real life; so sincere. Can you tell us the secret who is the author of the texts and music? It seems like one person is working on the both texts and music. Or maybe it is a bright example of a great working team process.

As we said before, I am the author of all the songs. All the songs that are available in public now, all of them are the solo songs, but we now have other songs that are non-solo. The music is being written by my team, the words are created by me. The main goal for us is to create a new album with different variety of music instruments, because we are aware of the transmission of the words that are put into the song, it can only be done with a good set of instruments.

You do have a song “It does not matter who is the number one”. KazSocial was impressed listening to the track. Would you mind to tell our reader more about the history of the song? And when will the video will be on the screens?

This track has its own story. I was left out without a studio, the friend who I used to work with, left the music industry for business because the music wasn’t the best way of income. I stayed on my path of believing in music and was improving the performance every day. In 2013, when I was close to being off the wall, I was getting a few thoughts of leaving the music production because everything was going down: problems with money, and issues in the family. But my friends Vanchela and Eldara kept me in the mood by telling me that everything will be alright and my trustful friends from BUG Connect, but this is a different story. Let’s come back to our story.. As I mentioned before, I have had many problems before, especially in my private life. One day I sat down and decided to create a lyric song, I made up a few notes and motive and started to think about the words for the song. I’ve gone through four lines and then I got a feelings that I haven’t felt for a while. It was a sign from up there, from the space.. I’ve searched through the clips of other artists, all of them are popular and everyone states that he or she is the best, number one, to be exact. I’ve gotten a voice deep inside, it was a kind voice, which told me: “It doesn’t matter who is number one, you got it! You are a step ahead!” This is how the chorus starts.

Also after each interview, I ask one question to our popular guests and I want to ask you this question. Night Music Band, can you tell us the secret of your success? How to reach your goal, always go further and never stop if hard times face you? 


There are so many factors to consider. For my team and me, the most important believes in God. Every unsuccessful try gives us a stimulus to do something more, to do it better than everyone else. Indeed, every one of us has a hidden talent, but we have to figure out what the talent is, and it’s easy! Do what you love, love what you do

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Saying No To Nuclear Testing

On September 10th, Discussion and Art Exhibition «Prospects For A Nuclear Weapons Free World & Saying No To Nuclear Testing» took place in Washington, organized by the The Embassy of Kazakhstan & The NOVA Institute For Public Service. I had a chance to personally visit this event and I can say that  I’m very impressed and want to broadcast everything. First of all,  a little about the history: Project АТОМ – is an International Organization developed in order to provide public information about nuclear testings and the effects on the environment and people.

The main reason of this project is to unite the efforts of the millions of people all over the world to stop nuclear testings. During the session at Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, Virginia I have noticed that many people including students from different countries have knowledge in this area. I see that, we, a new generation and the future of the country, are not apathetic about this problem and this means that we have a voice and can change everything! I attract your attention, dear readers, who has just read this article, to sign the petition on the official web site of the ATOM project for prohibiting a use of any nuclear weapons in the World! Sing petition here!!!


During the meeting at Nova and the embassy of Kazakhstan, The Ambassador of Kazakhstan Kairat Umarov and the Kazakhstan Ambassador-At-Large Roman Vassilenko, Honorary Atom Project  Ambassador, Artist and Nuclear Activist Karipbek Kuyukov and Professor Robert Guttman , gave a speech.


Also, you can see the whole meeting on the web portal of the Organization.

Of course, I, as a journalist, couldn’t miss a chance to talk to the honorable Ambassador of the Atom Project, the World Famous Painter Karipbek Kuyukov who was born without hands due to the nuclear testings in Semipalatinsk. I consider this a big opportunity that I got a chance to personally talk to Karipbek because I am impressed and proud of this kind of people for achieving their goals and keep going further! Let’s all together find out more about the life of this amazing person who draws for the sake of the peace.


Kairpbek, please tell our readers about your childhood?

I was born without hands and my parents wanted me to have prosthesises which would help me to operate normally and for instance eat by myself. So my parents were trying to find a medical institute to help me with the prosthesises. They found the Research Medical Institution of Prosthesising in St Petersburg,Russia. I got my prosthesises, but unfortunately, I was not able to get used to it. So during  my childhood in Russia, I was surrounded by people like me in the boarding school. Afther the boarding school I got the degree in accounting, thanks to my Father who gave me an opportunity to study.


Please tell our readers about your first painting? How did it happen?

Well, regarding my art attempts, it happened in the childhood. I tried many different types of art: macramé burning out the pictures on the wood plate, and art sawing. I’ve attended many different clubs, but the painting club addicted me. There was a special room in the boarding school with pencils, and paints; this is the place where I tried to paint for the first time in my life. The first paintings were trivial: blue sky, sun etc. once I started to paint more, I got into it. But I think the first professional painting was a portrait of my mother.


We’re very interested in where you are currently working and living?

I’m currently living and working in Karaganda. The President of Kazakhstan presented me a one-room apartment.

I’m aware that you sell your paintings. Where can I see them?

We’re currently thinking of creating a web site. Every painting takes up a lot of efforts. I’m turning 45 years old soon. I may introduce my painting at some exhibitions. But you can always visit my Facebook page.

I think that all American students who have learned about you today at the NOVA university will be happy to hear few words or maybe wishes to them.

This is not the first time travelling to the USA. There are so many kind people, I found many friends here. I know some people who lived by the polygon in the state of Nevada. I can definitely state that Americans don’t like the nuclear testing. I’m also glad that I met people who were caring. This people give me energy to keep going on my path. I would like to wish American people peace and happiness in their homes. I wish that all their inherits would appreciate everything they have done for them before.


I see that you have two medals on your chest. What were they awarded for?

The first one is called «Kurmet». It was awarded to me in 1999 by the President of Kazakhstan for participating in anti-nuclear action.The second one is the Nevada-Semipalatinsk award in honor of celebrating 20 years of the creation.


All the interview was trunslated from Russian to English with a meaning observance.



The full report of Nazarbaev’s grandson’s wedding party

In my last article “Queen’s wedding in Kazakhstan” I have promised you to write a report about the president’s Nazarbaev grandson Aisultan Nazarbaev and Alima Boranbaeva wedding ceremony.  So, here’s the KazSocial edition.


Just to remind you, the wedding ceremony was held on August 31 at Grand Ballroom Royal Tulip Hotel. The first part of the ceremony was among the national traditions such as “Betashar” – when the bride is covered by veil, and then she shows her face to relatives and the invited guest, “Toi Bastar’’– the gifts to the guests are served at the end of the banquet, and Batu Beru – senior speech.


Nur, Royal Tulip view


The reception had different popular celebrity’s like Lolita Milyavskaya, Gennadiy Hazanov, Lev Leshenko, Nona Grishaeva, Mustafa Sundall, ukranian singer Elka, gergian singer and actor Vahtang Kikabidze, the resident of comedy club  Aleksandr Revva and others. But Of course the most important and main guest was the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev, who opened the ceremony. Then the oldest President’s daughter Dariga Nazarbaeva leaded the ceremony, although Maxim Galkin was a master of the ceremony most of the time.




Moreover, Kanye West was performing at the Queen’s wedding in Almaty. Well, Kanye West is looking good in the front of Kazakh National flag, right?







One of the guests shot a video of the Kanye West performance and uploaded it in social network. Watch it now:


What will happen in Kazakhstan at the end of the August? The grandson of the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan is going to be married.


Nursultan Nazarbaev’s grandson has chosen the girl of his life. The bride is a student at the University of Art in London (Courtauld Institute of Art), she is 20 years old, and her name is Alima Boranbaeva. Her father is  CEO of the Kazakhstan – Russian joint-venture “KazRosGas” – Kayrat Boranbayev.


The family celebration will be in Grand Ballroom of the Royal Tullip hotel which is located at Zailiskiy Alatay, Almaty city. Relatives and close friends to the Nazarbaev’s family will be in the wedding performance. But undoubtedly, the most important visitor of the wedding will be Nursultan Nazarbaev.

Aisultan Nazarbaev is 23 years old, he has graduated British military academy Sandkherst. Recently, he got the rank of senior lieutenant. And he is on the staff of the Military Investigation division of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan.













All Kazakhstani people are waiting for the important event with no patience and KazSocial  can’t wait to write a report about the Kazakhstan Queen Wedding. Only girls of Kazakhstan are crying a lot, because the most enviable groom is married soon.


GMA News

GMA News

Today marks the beginning of the FIBA International Tournament. FIBA is the governing body of the sport of basketball internationally. Much like the famous FIFA Football tournament, FIBA is hosted every four years with all 213 members competing (that’s almost EVERY country in the world!). The next FIBA Championship won’t be held until 2014 in Spain, however today marked the beginning of the FIBA Asia Championship which is currently being held in the Philippines. The winner will qualify for the FIBA Championship in Spain.

Since the FIBA Asia Championships began, Kazakhstan is competing in Group D and is off to a good start. The Kazakhstan National Team beat Thailand 81-67 and will be facing Bahrain on August 2nd. Kazakhstan advanced to the Asia Championships after winning the Central Asia qualifier on their home turf in Astana.

With that we expect to see some of this:



And then when Kazakhstan wins the Asia Championship:


(All photos courtesy of Tumblr)



Virgin Group cooperates with Kazakhtelecom

Corporation Kazakhtelecom and Virgin Group have signed a license agreement. The goal of the project is the ability to use telecommunication networks and existing infrastructure of “Kazakhtelecom” with the innovative solutions of Virgin Group


In the progress of negotiation, both companies intend to launch commercial service under the trademark Virgin  in the field of internet, mobile and TV service in Kazakhstan.The cooperation is a great  start of a business relationship between Kazakhstan and Britain.

tengri news
tengri news

Everybody knows that founder of the Virgin group Richard Branson is an eccentric person. To advertise a virgin airlines he was a stewardess on the board as a women.Nobody knows what marketing motion will be for Kazakhstan. But we know that it would be a creative.

Background information:

Virgin Group – is an international company, founded by British Businessman Sr. Richard Branson. Virgin Group is the most popular within the field of sound recording, aviation, cellular, cable television and radio. The total income of the Virgin group is more than 20 milliards dollars and more than 50 thousands employees.

Corporation Kazakhtelecom – is the biggest telecommunication company in Kazakhstan, the company is considered as national service provider. The headquarters is located in Astana, and branches in each region of Kazakhstan. Company is a participant of government program “Thirty corporate leaders of Kazakhstan”

onlinepoker and halyk-ipo
onlinepoker and halyk-ipo

The source in russian on is here



The “Green Belt”

It is amazing to see how the young Kazakhstan capital is getting better over the past few years. The silhouettes of the new building are softened by the blossoming green trees which were planted throughout the city. We can see this beauty because of the Green Belt Plan created by the President Nursultan Nazarbayev.


The Green Belt Plan is a grandiose plan about planting a greenery in suburb of Astana and around the capital. It is 65 hectares of forest and parks that will surround the city. It is almost a Kazakh jungle with a various flora and fauna like deer and rabbits.


Astana is the pride of Kazakh people, happiness, and admiration for a guests from around the world. President Nursultan Nazarbayev has set the goal to plant a forest around the capital with the numerous construction projects in Astana. He is paying very close attention to the Green Belt Plan and controls the planting process personally.


Nursultan Nazarbaev has set a new goal to create an artificial implantation with natural forest plantations at the Shukinsk district. It will need to allocate almost one and a half million tenge from the national budget.

This will be one on the greatest projects for Astana.



Microsoft Helping Kazakhstan Universities

Microsoft has signed an agreement with Nazarbayev University in helping provide its technology resources to students and professors. The idea is actually pretty cool. Right now Kazakhstan is doing a education overhaul to turn their universities into research universities. With doing so, you need to have the latest technology to help with conducting research. Microsoft has said that if you have a Microsoft computer or even an Android phone, you can get access to free online textbooks, Office 365 cloud, education programs (certification classes, Microsofts own resources), and more. With this, the university will become one the best innovative clusters in Kazakhstan.

So here’s what they’ll be doing with the technology:

What they SHOULDN’T be doing with it:

What Microsoft has done to Apple and competitors in Kazakhstan: