KZ GO Guide: A weekly newsletter on what’s cool in Kazakhstan

Dear readers, I would like to introduce you KZ GO Guide; our new weekly newsletter on what’s cool in Kazakhstan. KZ GO Guide  is a brief discussion of what’s interesting and memorable happening in the past week in Kazakhstan. You will know everything important about what happened in Kazakhstan on a weekly basis. And you get the latest updates in cinema, entertainment, events, culture, and life.

The report consists of five categories:

  • Video Roundup – The must watch videos from Kazakhstan
  • Events Report  – see what you have missed or going on for festivals, concerts, parties, and activities in Astana and Almaty.
  • Person of the week – The person you need to know from the steppes
  • Must Go! – what you need to know about the best party at the coolest bars and clubs in Almaty and Astana.

So let’s get started! We are ready to broadcast!
















Watch new video clip for the song “Aquamarine” made by Ruslan Sedmoi feat. Igor Marx and if you enjoy it click like.


Restaurant “NeKafe” was opened last Saturday at 8:00 pm. This is a very cozy place that has lots of table games, atmosphere for hanging out, a DJ, many various competitions and even free Wi-Fi. NeKafe is open from 10:00 am all night long, you will be able to spend your time and meet new friends, come on in! The main goal of NeKafe is that you pay money only for the hours which you spend with us. Coffee, tea and cookies are free.






We decided to award the person of the week title to Gulbanu Abdykhalukova. Mrs Abdykhalukova was given a title of the woman of the year in category: “Athletic Person”. She became disabled when she was 20 years old, nonetheless, Gulbanu could prove that you can be successful even if you are disabled. She has been powerlifting for 10 years on a row. She has many awards including 20 medals, 15 of which are gold.



This week do not miss a set of trendy and cozy parties with Bacardi nights at different clubs of Almaty and Astana. Find the schedule here:



The National Beauty Contest was held in Almaty on December 5, 2013. Aidai Isaeva – is the new Miss Kazakhstan 2013. Aida is 24 years old ans she is a student at Kazakh National Medical University. KazSocial edition wishes Aida success in different beauty pageant competitions worldwide and awarded her in a nomination Photo of The Week! It is a good start Aida- you go girl!














We welcome your comments/suggestions below. Tell us how was your week? It was fun or boring? Where did you go?