What it takes to be a Kazakhstani anchorwoman

It’s no secret that almost every journalist who started a career in the news wants to achieve a position as an anchorman or an anchorwoman of their program or network. Being on the screen on a daily basis with the most important news is a dream of every journalist, but only a few of them can achieve that dream. In this post, you can find useful advices from the most popular anchorwomen on “Almaty” channel. Let’s look at her history of success.


Anastasia, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Hello, my name is Anastasia Solntseva. This is my story of how I work on TV in Almaty. In my everyday life, everyone calls me Nastya. This fall will be my one year anniversary working at Almaty Channel. This channel broadcasts not only in Almaty, but also in the capital; Astana. Before becoming a TV anchor and broadcasting the news, I was an editor for the station. Before that position, I had a few others including journalist, director and video engineer. I have now finally achieved my goal. There is a very good proverb that I follow in my career, “Every soldier is considered bad unless he tries to become a colonel.” So I was dreaming and working hard to become an anchor.


Why did you decide to study journalism? It was a dream of yours since childhood?

I have two degrees. The first degree is in Philology. The second one is almost the same but from a journalistic perspective. Probably at that moment in my life, no one was asking me about the reasons for getting my second degree which is almost the same as the first. But I understood that I needed to find myself and figure out who exactly I wanted to be. And it was my dream, since childhood, to be a journalist. I remember that when I was a kid, I imagined my own media channel in my mind and had a lot of broadcasting programs about sports and gardening. I even made up movies and sounded it only when I was alone so nobody thought that I was bad. The years went by, but my dreams stayed the same. Thus, I decided to study journalism at St Petersburg State University, the same university where the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, studied.


How did your career start?

It didn’t start easily. After a few not successful attempts working at a newspaper, I finally ended up applying to a music show as a reporter. At that moment, I couldn’t do much.  Working as a journalist is not only about showing off on the screen to be seen by all the neighbors, but trying to interview a person who doesn’t like to communicate is a very difficult process. Plus being a journalist is an extraordinarily cynical job, which a correspondent should have,  because of the many tragedies, fires, murdering, etc he or she has to cover. I think if I have been informed in advance about the job, I would have thought it over many times whether I should work at this position. After all, journalism is like a maze; no going back but only forward. At the start of my career I was lucky I had been accepted, but at that time it was not the point. The main thing was to keep afloat because the ride was very fast.


Usually journalists are always behind the big screen, but you have reached your goal and now you are working at the national channel and cover the most important news on screen. Can you give our readers, please, tips on how to reach your goal and continue to go towards success?

At the beginning, journalists should find an answer to this question by him/herself. While the time goes by, life arranges things. Some people have a very good start, and then other more important issues come up, like family and children. Career has always been number one for me. I always wanted to reach a final point and then open new horizons. This is the way I can define my career from the beginning and now: low level reporter, low level reporter in the news, correspondent of the information. department chief, director, news and radio anchor, and finally a TV presenter. It’s obvious that the career path is tough, and I wouldn’t advise it to anyone else. It’s very important that your family believes in you, and even if you don’t get paid much they wouldn’t torture you with that. The position of the journalist doesn’t entitle anyone to a high salary. I think that it’s very important to draw an image of yourself explaining who and where you are. This picture should eventually become realistic. You shouldn’t pay attention to the limitations, because there are very many people in the variety of professions with some other limitations. And finally, the right manners and big amount of knowledge will lead to success.

Can you share with us the funniest story in your professional practice?

There are many. Considering some in the studio, some of the guests without knowing the rules of the show may simply stand up and start walking out of the studio while on air thinking that he or she is invisible to the cameras. There could also be a grasshopper that just flew into the studio and an operator like me will freak out because i’m very afraid of such flies.

Do you get nervous before going on air?  And how do you control this feeling? For example some of the anchors are doing this:


And even this:


Moreover, some of them are doing this:


Being nervous should always take its own place, otherwise the interest will disappear. When someone is announcing in the studio and then you immediately have to start broadcasting live news, there is some kind of feeling close to love that comes up to me. Sometimes you are so stressed that you feel like there are butterflies flying around your stomach. This is the way I feel. It’s more interesting!

Almost in the each KazSocial story we are asking the same question to our popular guests. Dear Anastasia, can you tell us the secret of your success? We cant wait anymore!


The secret of the success is working permanently. Only people who applied all their efforts could be recognized in this profession. This is my own opinion that a person who just began working should work very hard all the way through. You should accept any offer to work on, regardless of its difficulty. Sometime ago I had to accept a few offers which needed a lot of verbal fights, I had to climb to a high post to see the factory because there was no other way around this. Every time I felt that I was testing myself whether I still can do this or not. The most important rival to me was myself. Even now, when I sit in the cozy studio and being served with coffee and ready-to-go texts, something feels awkward. I got used to work hard; I understand that the role of a talking head is not for me. All the news that I am broadcasting were prepared by me, they all are being edited by me, and if there is something that I don’t like, I won’t broadcast it.

Tell us what are your plans for the next 10 years?

Regarding my career, it’s very important to savor what I have already achieved. I have so many projects going on in my mind right now. Some of those include but not limited to social media projects and analytics in TV format. So I am doing everything that helps me to become well educated in different areas of media. When my last name is mentioned somewhere, the channel doesn’t come up in someone’s mind, but everything I have done.

What do you want to say to all our readers and all journalists who just started their career in social media?

Keep working! The lack of scariness, ability to work, and full competence will do its job for you!




Traveler’s notes

When my friends from St. Petersburg, Russia came to visit me in Almaty, first what I thought about was showing them the beautiful nature of Almaty. So if your friends or relatives are coming to visit you, but you still don’t know how to impress them, read this article! Or maybe you want to spend your day close to the nature? Or you are tired from being in a big cosmopolitan city and need to relax in the mountains, but you don’t want to drive far? Doesn’t matter because the answer to the questions is in this article.











I would like to share my experience with you the most beautiful place close to Almaty city, the “Big Almaty Lake” (“BAO”).  Almost every tourist on their list of sights in Almaty pays a lot of attention to the amazing place of the Zailiskiy Alatay.

My advice for you is to make sure that you are prepared for the short trip.

1.       Make sure that you are ready to drive up high in the mountains on the narrow roads;


And there is a good chance to show your professional driving skills










2. Bring some snacks and a blanket with you. There is a nothing better than sitting in the front of Almaty’s big lake and enjoying the sun, food and taking a lot of pictures, like we did.


The trip to the Big Almaty Lake is not long, but on the other hand has many adventures. On the way to BAO, you will have to pass through checkpoint «Ile-Alatau», where you will be charged 370 tenge a person. Once you are passed the checkpoint, the journey begins!


After the trip to “BAO”, be sure to leave in advance when it’s not too late to visit the breathtaking show “Falconry”. It is located rigth in the front of the «Ile-Alatau» check point. A great show with a brave hunter available for everyone.


During this show, you will be able to admire a hunter performing with four different birds. He will explain what each type of bird is used to, how it hunts, and other interesting details. You will see how the birds hunt, how fast they are, what they do for hunting and many other exciting things!




Do you like the post and ready for adventure?!



How to spend a day in Almaty

If you have a day off and still don’t know where to go and how to spend your free time. I have really good tips for you and want to share with you my personal experience.
So, wake up yearly in the morning, and please do not oversleep.











First, you need to prepare yourself for the evening. Thus, you need to do some shopping to stay cool. For this, Esentai mall will fit you best. Essentai mall is the newest deluxe shopping center in downtown Almaty.  It is more than just a shopping center; the buildings are the crown jewel of the city. You can see the mall practically from each point of Almaty, especially at night.


Essentai mall has attracted popular designers from all over world and became a center of international fashion.

On the first floor of the mall, you will see brands like Louis Vuitton, Saks Fifth Avenue, Fendi, Burberry, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana and Loro Piana. I guess the prices for the clothes on the first floor will not be a big surprise for you.










On the second floor of the mall, you may find the brands like Mango, Kotton, Grazie, Promod, BGN, Thomas Sabo, Tommy Hilfiger, Mexx, etc. You will definitely be able to find a good looking suit for yourself because the quality of the clothes and the prices are really affordable. And if it is a sales season, you can buy the clothes with a good quality at very low prices.










After visiting mall, I advise you to visit the newest restaurant on the wheels the Tram-café. Call your girlfriend/boyfriend or friends and admire the night atmosphere in Almaty, enjoy the cafe and French bakery of “La Tartine”. Even if you are alone, it is a good place to go anyway because you will have fun there.


The tram’s route is within Lunaeva-Shevchenko-Baytursynova-Makataeva Streets.
I have personally taken this tram with three other people. The staff provided us with playing cards, chess and other games. The time went by so fast, but on the other hand, we were able to fully enjoy this ride.













The entrance Tickets are only 100 tenge, the prices for the food and beverages are decent, and there are always coupons available online!
If you want to reserve a table, please call at: (707) 891-0601

I hope you will enjoy your day when you follow our tips.



Maria Mudryak is one of the top 10 best sopranos in the world 


We got a chance to interview one of the best sopranos in the world, Maria Mudryak, who also is from Kazakhstan.

At the age of 5 you were entered in the Guinness World Records for being the youngest singer on the planet who has recorded their own solo album. Tell us please how your parents found your talent at this young age? And which genre was your first album?  

At the age of 3, my mother brought me to the Pavlodar Palace of Students, where I began studying ballet, singing and English concurrently. I had the best results in vocals, I started to win a few competitions, firstly local, and then in the Republic, and afterwards International Competitions. At the age of 5, when I was chosen as a winner of the “Light your star” competition, I have heard a story from Yury Nikolayev about a girl from Cyprus who was selected to be a nominee in the Guinness Book as they youngest singer who had released a first album. Then we decided to make and eventually release our album in the edition of 25,000 copies. This album became very popular and was fully sold. Then we decided to send a letter to the Guinness Book, they didn’t accept this achievement and said: “These types or records are ineligible”. But my achievement was registered in the Kines Book (Kazakh Book of achievements). When this information was released, media workers have confused something, and therefore now this incorrect information is still inline. My album contains children’s popular songs in both, Russian and Kazakh languages. I don’t like to answer this question because of some misunderstandings, although I have applied many efforts to create an album (it’s better not to mention this). This doesn’t make any difference to us.


At the age of 10 you were enrolled at the High Music Academy under the La Scala theater as an exception. Thus you became the youngest student in the academy. How did you reach this goal and achieve exceptions of the rules?  

 In order to improve vocals skills my mother and I understood that we have to work on academic vocals. Then at the age of 10, I was a winner in the academic vocals competition in Sochi, this is where I was seen by Italian Teachers and then I got an invitation to study in Italy. I have passed all the entrance exams with distinctions and was accepted to the Higher Academy of Music in Milan, I was 10 years old back then. At the age of 14, my mother and I decided that I have to apply to the prestigious conservatory: State Milan Conservatory named after D. Verdi, although one of the requirements to apply was the minimum age of 16. Even by that time I realized that I will be able to pass the examinations and I have performed one of the most difficult music works comparable to those that students play when they graduate from the conservatory. I was taking a very high risk, but it was really worth it. Finally, I was accepted! The normal length of studies is 5 years, but I was able to finish the course of studies in 4 years while studying in the Italian Public School. It was very tough time in my life because only half Sundays were left to spend with my mother. But all these efforts worked perfectly for me and I graduated from the conservatory at the age of 18 and got the highest score of 10. Afterwards, I became a young opera singer with a higher degree. From all the information mentioned above, it’s easy to conclude that in order to achieve the highest results I was forced to work a lot, I wasn’t afraid of all the upcoming difficulties, I believed in myself and decided to win, what I finally did!


Is that true that Swiss Government offered you to become a Swiss citizen, as an exchange for a scholarship in Milan. But your parents refused the offer and asked the President Nursultan Nazabayev to help find the money for education?

My parents took a high risk when came to Milan with me when I was 7 years old. We came to Italy with 700 euro in the pocket, without language knowledge. It was really hard without any help and the director of the academy Maria Tereza Abriani with the professors convened the press conference? Where I gave a demonstration lesson of my performance. When the journalist saw my performance they wrote about me like a young talented girl who needs a help to pay for her education in Academy.  Then a few countries offered a help, and I really appreciate that, but the most significant help was from Swiss bank. They have a special program for talented people, but the requirement in the case if I accept the help: I will perform in the future for Switzerland. But then my father told us that he would ask President Nursultan Nazarbaev for help again. We did not contact him face to face, but he knows about my problem. And once when I performed in the children’s camp and sang a song called “Memory”, he went up to the stage and gave me a hug and then told me that he would help me with the education. It means that I was allowed to pass the exams for President Bolashak’s program at the age of 10 years with all graduated school pupils.  I have passed the entire test perfectly and got the scholarship like other 3000 students. Afterwards, I was always feeling the support from the president.


Can you please tell us about your life outside of Kazakhstan?

I have been living in Milan since I was 10 years old. I graduated from elementary school; here, media school. Also I have graduated from the conservatories and continued to study in the academy. I am fluent in Italian and also speak English. I grew up in Italy after I was 10 years old; I respect Italian grand culture and received the education there. I respect the professors from academy; I think that Italy is my second motherland which I also love.


Do you talk about Kazakhstan abroad?

I never forgot my motherland – the Republic of Kazakhstan. I prefer to spend all my holidays in Kazakhstan; I give a lot of charitable concerts. I love to see the people’s reaction to the opera music. I like to show all the beauty of the opera music to many people. I see how the viewer’s soul opens when he or she listens to magnificent compositions.  I perform frequently at Government events of Kazakhstan Embassy. I am happy that my performance brings people a lot of happiness.

Which languages do you sing the songs usually? Do you have songs in Kazakh language?

Usually I sing Italian repertoire, because this is my profession now, but I am also able to sing songs in Kazakh, Russian, English, Kazakh, Dutch, Spanish and French.

How often do you fly to Kazakhstan, maybe for winter or summer holidays? When can we see you in Kazakhstan again?

I used to come to Kazakhstan during winter and summer holidays, but since I started my solo career I can’t come that often. But when I am invited to any important event in Kazakhstan, I always cancel my entire plans and rush over to Kazakhstan.



Can you tell us about the most memorable event in 2013?

I think that the most memorable event for me in 2013 was when I won at the semifinal of the completion “Belveder”, where I was included in 10 best sopranos of the world. I was the youngest at the competition, I am only 19 years old and for the opera singer this is young age. But my age did not prevent me from winning and receiving the invitations from different agencies and theaters. My schedule is filled up until 2015.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

My dream has always been to become one of the best world’s opera singers and I have always wanted to be happily satisfied by my performances. I want this to happen in about 10 years.

You were awarded as the best young singer of Italy, when you won at the National competition of Italy. Can you tell us, how was it to achieve this win? The competitors were really strong for you? And did you feel the age difference with another participant?

Of course every single competition is very serious for me, I would even say that it’s doubled for me because I am always nervous about other singers who are my rivals, this is an addition to the fact that I am the youngest one and the voice is formed by the age of 25. This is why my competitors have a better formed breathing and voice, which gives them an opportunity of a virtuoso performance, but I think I won because my voice is a gift from God and its timbre along with the voice were given to me by the teachers of the conservatory which included work load, disciplinary, belief in myself and the desire to win.

You were a participant in different competitions and concerts, in different countries and with various publics. You performed well in Genoa, Parma, you have sung at the event of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, you performed brilliantly at the event dedicated Kazakhstan representative in OSCE. Can you tell us please how you prepare for the performance? And how you control the inner excitement?

Of course I am worried before every performance. But I am no longer afraid of that because I have read many monographs of famous people who were able to handle all the feelings and this though helps me a lot. But I think that being nervous has to be before going out on a scene, it helps to perform as best as I could.

Maria Mudryak on social networks:


on Facebook



Asia Ospanova: Kazakhstan’s Rising Star

Kazakhstan will be celebrating Astana Day from July 6th-8th. One of the biggest parts of the celebration will be the displaying of Kazakhstan’s most talented singers and one of them is the young and talented Asia Ospanova. We got a chance to interview with her to explain why she’s so talented.

So Asia, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, I’m 17 years old. Now I’m studying at 1st year in Music College under the University of Arts in Astana on piano faculty. I study piano since 6 years old. But I began studying to sing earlier. When I was 4, my grandmother brought me to a vocal studio. I was singing in a “Shalunishki” group (Young monkeys or naughty children), then in duo, and from the age of 6 I am singing solo. From 14 years old I began to play the guitar and write my own music and lyrics. 


What made you decide you wanted to do a career in music?

I live in this music atmosphere from my childhood. My parents are not musicians, but my dad plays the guitar and sings, by the way, he showed me the first chords, and my mom plays the piano and sings too. They took me to a music school, and each day I liked it more and more. I was surrounded by music, and I lived with it. To be honest, I am not that good in science or sport. Especially now, I have no doubts that I want to be a professional musician. As my father says, “if you want to be a musician, first of all, you have to be a professional”. That’s why; I always improve my piano playing skills, take solfeggio, harmony, and composition classes. 


Who would you say would be your greatest influences?

When I was a little girl, I couldn’t stop listening to Britney Spears – she was my idol. The cassette of her concert was almost erased from the numerous of views. 

Also, I adore Alicia Keys! Admire her voice power, piano playing, the way she represents herself on the stage, she is so talented!

And of course, Beyonce. When sometimes I feel upset, or I need some energy, I put her DVD concert on, and just repeat everything she sings dances and says. These 3 powerful and so much talented women inspire me all the time! But also, I am the big fan of old good music, that my parents play with our relatives and friends at home. Kazakh songs like “Kozimnin karasi”, “Ayttim Salem Kalamkas”, Russian songs by “Mashina Vremeni” group, and foreign songs like “Hotel California”, “Venus” etc.  


How did you learn to sing in English?

I started singing from the popular songs, and they were in English. But of course, I was 3, and I didn’t understand what I was singing about, I just repeated the words I heard. Once my cousin, (who studied by exchange program in USA) noticed that I didn’t have an accent in English. And when I became a little older, I wanted to know the meaning of the songs I am singing. It really helped me in learning this language.  I’ve been always learning English with a big pleasure. 


You work with Astana Music Studio in Astana. Are they a school for teaching people music and playing instruments? How did you end up with them?

Up to my 7 years we lived in Pavlodar (North Kazakhstan). I was taking lessons at “Svet Zvezdy” (“Starlight”) vocal studio, where I learned how to sing, and dance. There was a comprehensive approach to the song and stage performance. Now I understand that I had such wonderful teachers. 

After moving to a capital, Astana, when parents have solved the questions with housing, work, when I was already accepted to a Music School, and learned all the bus stops etc., I raised the question about going to a vocal studio again. I found one music studio, and I was there during 2 yearsI took part on singer competitions, performed on different stages in Astana, once even on morning TV-show.  But the level set in the studio in my childhood was high, so I continued searching in the internet vocal studios, and I found “Astana Music Studio”, which was called “Alem”, at that time. Yes, you’re right. They teach people to sing, and play different instruments. Teachers met me very friendly on the audition that was about 4 years ago. Currently, they give some lyrics and I write music on them.




Have you competed in any competitions?

If we talk about piano, I participated in international competitions in Istanbul, 2010 (2nd place), also laureate of competition in Bulgaria, 2008, in Russia (3rd place), 2011. 

Regarding vocal, took part in a competition in Petropavlsk, Kazakhstan, took 3rd place, 2005, and other contests. But, I think, a serious competition was Russian contest “Next Generation” in 2013, in Turkey, where I firstly performed Russian version of my song “Senemin” , which is called “My-korabli” (“We are ships”) in front of the eminent jury.


Have you tried out for SuperStar KZ or X Factor?

Yes, finally last year I tried to participate in the X-factor (there is an age qualification), I passed the first selection, but didn’t pass to the second. 

But I can say that after X factor, my growing up was started – I began to philosophize about life , what I didn’t notice before in myself. I realized that there are different factors in life, like luck, in addition to a voice, that might play a huge role in your career. 


What are some goals you want to achieve as a singer?

I want to sing and compose good music, catchy songs. Achieve a higher professionalism, so that people could not switch to another channel, when they saw me on a TV. I want to be a star, open a music studio for children. 

Finally, we saw you collaborated on a song with international and Kazakh superstar Son Pascal. What was it like working with him?

Ooh, first of all I want to say that he is very kind and charismatic man, so much talented musician, fond of music and good songs. He lives in Almaty, but I always feel his support, that I’m on the right way. He gives me advices. He always open to respond on my questions, doesn’t matter about life or music. 


Recently, Son Pascal and other Kazakh pop stars came to a charity concert in Astana, helping to raise money for treatment of one beautiful Kazakh model – Kamilya, who became ill with leucosis. I also performed there song by Stevie Wonder “Isn’t she lovely”. 


Thanks so much Asia for a chance to talk with you and show the world the Kazakhstan has some very talented singers. We actually got in contact with her just before we posted this that Asia will be singing at Astana Day, which will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Kazakhstan’s capital city. She will be performing with Son Pascal again and X-Factor judge, international singer, and Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Sherzinger! Asia with these two talents will for sure bring the house down!


If you want to learn more about her or keep up with her you can find her on:




Kiwi :


Instagram: asiaospanova


15 Best outdoor spots in Almaty

As summer is in full swing in Kazakhstan, it’s that time for people to trade their jeans in for shorts, long sleeve shirts for t-shirts, and show some skin to get that nice tan. While the sun may be down at night, it’s the perfect opportunity to go to some great bars and restaurants to sit outside and enjoy the weather. Through Time Out Magazine Kazakhstan, we found the 15 best outdoor restaurants and bars in Almaty (For English readers, the site is in Russian but below is the translated version) :


♦ Vertalet
Summer terrace is a separate name – Johnie Walker. In the design of the lounge bar organically interwoven styles of modern and oriental – strict lines of wicker furniture clear zone the space, and a kind of tent-roof makes the room comfortable and cozy. It is very nice to stay a small company will not take the time-dimension and lead the conversation. Another important plus restaurant Vertalet – non-stop operation.
+ 7 (727) 291 99 38, Almaty, Dostyk 42

Be sure to try: signature dish from the chef – fish market (18,000 tenge). A small company of 5-6 people will appreciate sauteed in butter, fresh seafood under the fragrant sauce aioli that literally melt in your mouth.

KRK Assorti not only boasts a spacious summer terrace – in the courtyard restaurant are three large pavilions, but the glassed-in terrace-greenhouse. Dine surrounded by a solid green (and here its more than 500 different species) – nothing worse than outdoors! A live music in this unique botanical garden will immerse you in a special atmosphere. By the way, the music program here promise to update every week.
+ 7 (727) 291 62 00, Almaty, Dostyk, 106

Be sure to try: the summer is updated and expanded fresh menu. We recommend tasting drink “Tricky Fruit” (1490 tenge) – a mix of freshly squeezed orange juice, mango and strawberry. The bartenders are sure that this cocktail is not only leaves a pleasant aftertaste, but slight temporary intoxication. Another natural cocktail “Fruit Madness” (1490 tenge) of grapefruit juice, carrots and spinach recommend to use after a very hearty lunch or dinner.

♦ Pro Pivo
This summer beer bar opened at the beginning of May. If you found a hot afternoon in the heart of the city – you can not just hide from the summer heat, but tasty lunch. In the evening, you should look here, along with a large company. They promise a constant noisy parties, “live” music team and creative themed parties.

Be sure to try: Fresh carrot juice (500 tenge). And from 12.00 to 15.00 is a special offer, “You’ll be third?” – For the company of three people one dinner (3 course + drink – 1399 tenge) will be at the expense of Pro Pivo. And in the evening is a great company to gather for a feast with a foamy drink (400 tenge per 0.5 liters) and order one of the sets. For example, a set number 1 – lamb “seeds”, chips, horse sausages, homemade croutons (3,710 tenge) – delicious and democratically.

♦ Gloria Jean’s Coffees
One of the stores in the center of Almaty, where it is necessary to look early in the morning to a leisurely breakfast. A cool summer morning, fragrant coffee specialties from Gloria Jean’s Coffees bit of sugar with toasted toast or air dessert will set the mood of the day.
+ 7 (727) 341 03 46, Almaty, Abylai Khan, 113

Be sure to try: Corporate Breakfast (1100 tenge), which consists of assorted cheeses, ham turkey with fresh-cut seasonal vegetables, fried eggs and fried toast. By breakfasts recommend french press of freshly ground coffee beans (630 tenge). For those who prefer a morning cup of tea – green tea brand, as well as chamomile and peppermint (460 tenge). And for dessert – homemade cake (990 tenge): apple, cherry and white chocolate with coconut.

♦ “guests”
The new restaurant has provided a large summer terrace: half the tables are located under the roof, the other – all in the open air, near the picturesque and well gramophone. They promise to take care of young leisure guests arrange area with rabbits and other entertainment. Here, pleasant music, rustling foliage mighty poplars and courteous waiters are not afraid to recommend dishes from the menu.
+ 7 (727) 293 84 14, Street, Almaty. Kunaeva, 78

Be sure to try: In the heat of the time to try cold soups, There is a hash with kvass and kefir, beetroot soup and cream of tomato soup and vegetables (899 tenge). Cold snacks – great choice of summer lunch. Extremely authentic sprat fillets at Borodino bread (699 tenge) or fat at home, which is served with green onion, horseradish, mustard and Borodino bread (999 tenge). If the heat – not a hindrance for your meal, choose a hot summer dish – dumplings with cherries (899 tenge) or sorrel soup with beef (999 tenge). Thirst is quenched bread kvass (1,199 tenge per 1 liter) or brand lemonade (499 tenge). And for evening tea party (try the strawberry-lime and green melon tea for 999 tenge per 1 000 ml) order grandmother’s jam, cakes, candy or a donut (399 tenge) – very soulful!

♦ Wagon Restarant
Summer “trailers” of this restaurant many call fabulous – there is something in them a toy, even magical. Sitting here a warm summer evening as pleasant as in the cozy establishment. Convenient location in a quiet area of ​​town, plus a faint background music provide a tranquil setting that is appropriate for a business lunch with business negotiations and for a romantic evening together.
+7 (727) 333 44 47, Street, Almaty. , Almaty, 241

Be sure to try: If you’re still not familiar with “tasty” creative chef Uncle Gene, this institution has to be registered in the list of «to do in the summer” among the first items. Try – everything! In the hot season here prepared for a number of surprises – in a summer menu appeared a variety of snacks and light salads. Note the entire three types of hash and Spanish gazpacho. Also this summer, the restaurant will start to brew your own beer (0.5 liters – 800 tenge). And for fans of soft drinks bartender has developed proprietary fresh-Aistian (450 tenge).

♦ “Prussia”
The summer terrace “Prussia Garden» happy for everybody, but this place will be especially interesting for visitors with children and pets. For children, there are organized not only the special menu, but also the spectrum of different entertainment. And the owners of the animals permitted to be present with pets. Chef Alexander Andreev, as always, enthusiastic audiences of European and national German dishes that make up a great duet with freshly-brewed beer specialty restaurant.
+ 7 (727) 246 05 58, Street, Almaty. Rozybakiyev 95

Be sure to try: A variety of deli meats that are the hallmark of the restaurant: pork leg in German (5499 tenge), smoked horse meat to beer (2,999 tenge), tender veal (3,499 tenge).

♦ Coffeeroom
The convenient location and the presence of a fairly large parking lot for the center (30 seats) makes this place very attractive. This fact must be taken into account, gathering here for the weekend – all the tables are usually occupied by a reserve. Summer terrace seats 80 people, the same who do not have enough space outdoors, offering a cafe located in the hall (for 70 persons).
+ 7 (727) 264 47 81, Street, Almaty. Satpaeva 3/220


Be sure to try: Danish pastry – cream or almond croissant (450 tenge), vanilla rose (450 tenge). As well as hearty, but light panini: grilled vegetables – zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, basil and balsamic (1,200 tenge), or with mozzarella – plus tomatoes, basil, iceberg lettuce, pesto (1,700 tenge).
♦ “Plyushkin”
One of the best places in town for daytime get-togethers – a small alley street Masanchi differs little traffic transport, and of the passers – is that students KazNTU. Another day pleasantness – here offer several variations of a business lunch – it all depends on how much you are willing to eat. For example, a set of “salad + second + drink” will cost 1,399 tenge. A full set of “second soup + salad + drink +” – 1899 tenge.
+ 7705777 65 55, st. Masanchi 100

Be sure to try: Pancakes (from 599 tenge) – for them there is a separate menu. If you do not fear for your figure, be local pastries (if there is a bakery cafe). In your basket “Plyushkin” (799 tenge) what is there not – muffin with apple, jam, poppy seeds, cherries, walnuts and currants. For those interested – there is a full vegetarian menu.

♦ “Greenhouse”
On the grounds of this cozy cafe can accommodate seasonal, according to representatives of institutions, 500 at a time. The whole area is a square with a complex system of zoning in the center – a cozy seating area with comfortable couches on the perimeter – area with a large dining table, comfortable for companies near the entrance – tables are set right in the middle of lawns (where you can walk barefoot through the grass and sunbathe ) behind – children’s area, plus two sites on the hill. There is also a zone of open-air cinema.

There have tried to recreate the home environment – from interior and kitchen, to special programs and bonuses for guests. For example, visitors to the kids in the children’s area from 12.00 to 20.00 are two animator (teachers and professionals), so that the parents have a good chance to rest and relax.
I promise that in the summer, “Teplice” do not have to miss a single day – themed evenings, theatrical performances and other activities will be permanently replace each other.
+ 7777008 88 77, st. Kurmangazy corner. Str. Pushkin

Be sure to try: Baked rolls, which are different unusually mild taste and a variety of pizzas. Generally kitchen “Greenhouse” is built on the principle of cosmopolitanism, and the menu can be found most striking dishes from different countries in Europe and Asia. The bar focuses on cocktail classics and refreshments own production – especially good homemade lemonade.

5 more places worth visiting:
boast spacious verandas and a large number of seats in the open air, but definitely worth to come here for: a special atmosphere, comfortable surroundings and a leisurely chat with friends.
♦ Coffee Balcon
+ 7 (727) 399 00 77, Street, Almaty. Furmanova 176
♦ Tea Aroma
+ 7 (727) 392 18 47, Almaty, etc. Abylaikhan, 113
♦ Coffee “Chocolate”
+ 7 (727) 272 08 84, Street, Almaty. Tole, 50
♦ Cafe Cafeteria
+ 7 (727) 272 0926, Almaty, street. Baiseitova 32
♦ Coffee Marrone Rosso
+ 7 (727) 261 39 54, Street, Almaty. Furmanova 149

(All content courtesy of


EDM Festivals in Kazakhstan

Music a language that almost the entire world understands. No matter if it’s sung in English, Korean, Kazakh, French, Japanese, Russian, or even Swahili, it’s music that gets us moving. While American pop music may be a dominant force in global force, the other global force is Electronic Dance Music (EDM for short). EDM is a broad term for electronic music ranging from House, Techno, Dubstep, Trance, and so forth.

Around the globe, cities and countrysides celebrate electronic music with huge festivals. There’s Ultra Music Festival in the US city of Miami that brings the biggest and the best electronic music artists. One of the largest is Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium. Kazakhstan has it’s own EDM Festival called the Freedom Festival held in Almaty.

The festival was actually back in the beginning of June but below is a short video of the 2013 Freedom Festival:

Freedom Festival has become the biggest electronic in Central Asia and has brought some somewhat famous DJ’s and EDM artists. The most famous of them was back in 2011 when they brought Mike Candy to the festival.

The festival was nothing short of amazing and included these elements:









WIth the growth of the Freedom Festival, it will in the future become THE EDM music festival in Central Asia, Kazakhstan, and of the biggest in the world. Now if only we can get deadmau5 and Skrillex

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